Male escort alex marte gay

male escort alex marte gay

Modeling became Alexander's pursuit out of pure curiosity, and he'd like to one day fulfill his fantasy of attending a sex party where he can get fucked and suck lots of hot guys at once! It's impossible not to fall for this Latin lover: Alexander is good at sex and he likes to show off his goods, so he felt a natural attraction to Lucas Entertainment and in particular Michael Lucas when he came to work at the studio.

Alexander is also a fan of not using condoms, so when it comes to fucking he prefers hot gay bareback sex! Alexander Volkov is a gorgeous blond beefcake of a man straight from the lands of Russia, and will debut in his first scene on Lucas Entertainment in a gay bareback sex action in the near future.

Don't miss his incredible debut with Adam Killian, who is the only guy we could think of with the skill to show him the ropes of gay porn! To see more from Alexander Volkov, please follow him on Instagram at: And please follow him on Twitter: Alexsander Freitas is a total top fuck-stud from Copacabana Beach, Brazil. He worked for years as a personal trainer in Los Angeles before getting started in porn to show off his exhibitionist side. All type of men and especially Asians turn on Alexsander.

His favorite singer is Michael Jackson and his favorite movie is Salt. His goal in life to stay healthy and happy and with the good cardio from fucking Alexsander is reaching his goals. Seasoned sex-pro Alexy Tyler knows his way around a hot body. He is a versatile performer who enjoys everything from being a power-bottom to an aggressive top.

The wildest place Alexy Tyler has been pounded is in an elevator. His favorite part of sex is shooting out a huge load while being slammed by a muscular top. His celebrity fantasy is to rope down Tom Cruise and have the fuck of his life! Alfonso was a discovery found during the casting process for Fire Island Cruising 2.

He proved his claim as a certified "sex-pig" in his standout performance in that movie. Since then he's made a name for himself in the industry, but he still fills in the gaps between movies working as a super in a building on the Upper West Side and I did recently spot him bartending with Diego Alvarez at a local bar on a recent night out.

Spanish hunk Anderson Fox hails originally form Brazil, which makes him a catch of international proportions! This perfectly versatile Barcelona boy has been known to get busy in the back of a bus sometimes while listening to Beyonce! He spends his more clothed hours heading to the gym, and cooking his favorite meal, spaghetti.

Single and ready for any possibility, Anderson's audition in Auditions Volume International Studs might read more as a personal ad to any Spanish-based guy who finds himself drooling over this remarkable find. Check out his debut in Auditions 34! Andre Donovan is a hot-as-hell gay porn model who is originally from Columbus, Georgia, but currently lives in New York City.

Being in such close proximity to the studio is one of the reasons why Andre took an interest in filming porn, it was only one of the reasons. Being a part of someone's fantasy is intriguing to me. But also being naked in front of a camera for everyone to see is very empowering. There's strength in vulnerability. Andre is attracted gym rats, and the wildest place he had sex was the dressing room of a department store.

I really love fucking guys in general. But there is something extra hot about a sexy man going ass to mouth over and over again on my dick. It really drives me wild. This versatile beauty is Michael Lucas's absolute favorite Russian performer!

He also has a scrumptious 9" uncut cock. Andrei gives versatility the meaning it truly deserves! Not only does this shifty little Russian dance at a straight strip club in Moscow--where Michael Lucas discovered him and what was Michael doing straight strip club, anyway? Andrew James is a top whose favorite thing to do sexually is ass play. He's also into pissing on people, but only if they're between his preferred age range of But Andrew Markus does, and he also performs as a dancer too.

What does he perform in gay porn? Andrew has a big cock, and he knows how to use it: Both Zander Craze and Damon Heart, and they go out of their way to give Andrey a hot-and-heavy introduction! Andy attended college in New Hampshire, where he claims to have majored, and graduated with, a degree in sex.

Currently, he resides in Los Angeles, and enjoys spending his free time surfing and practicing yoga. Fire Island Cruising 8 marks Andy's first time bottoming on camera. Andy likes guys with good hair, and was inspired to model by "old 70's twink porn. Andy was born in Brazil and is "obsessed" with movies. When he's not in the cinema, he's out getting his ass pounded, just like in Paris Playboys with Jonathan Agassi!

Andy works as a model as well as a club promoter and performer. And he loves sex… raw, uninhibited sex, which makes him a great match for the adult entertainment industry. Angel shows off his slutty socks in FEET! He's a student in Florida, and happy with his modeling career as well. Angel is a straight top and currently in a relationship with Brad Star.

Watch them perform together in Flatiorn Fuckers! Angelo has wanted to try filming porn for a long time, and having a chance to do so with Tomas at a Lucas Entertainment shoot was the perfect opportunity.

Michael cast construction worker Angelo for his hot look, his big dick, and his sex drive. This self-described bisexual loves everything about sex. And if the sex takes place outside, Angelo is one happy dude… not to mention hornier. His favorite location for fucking is an outdoor pool, he gas had sex in an elevator, and he wants to be the central bottom in an orgy of hot guys some day soon!

Tattooed bottom boy Angyl Valantino loves to be completely submissive to a dominant top. He has a controversial fantasy of having sex with a group of white skinheads. Other tattooed men and dark skinned guys from the Caribbean and Africa turn Angyl on the most. His hobbies include art, fashion, film and of course sex. Wilfried Knight had known Anthony from a trip to Berlin, so he knew he'd be perfect to cast for Auditions Anthony's previous experience in front of the camera shows in his sweaty threeway with Knight and newcomer Fabricio.

Anthony Ferrat was another of our earlier Exclusive models. Now he's keeping busy bartending at a famous NYC bar and is pursuing other endeavors. Studly Anthony Marks leaves his mark and then some in his raging hot scene with the legendary Wilfried Knight in Lucas's Brothers' Reunion!

Anthony Verruso is a bright faced twink with a beautiful smile, nice teeth, a slender body, and a big dick! He performs with Chris Crocker in his first scene on Lucas Entertainment, and needless to say, this needy little bottom is always begging for raw cock up his ass!

As a bartender here in New York City, Anton is used to serving and drinking straight from the tap. He's a big fan of guys older than himself, and loves the sexual process. Single guy Anton may identify as bi, but you'd think he's all dick watching his scene in Inside Prague. He and Jacky Jackie flip flop fuck and eat each other's cum like there's no tomorrow! The man with the monster cock Antonio Biaggi loves everything about sex! I love the thrill of it, Biaggi claims.

With his uncut thick and long dick Antonio loves being a top and his other favorite sexual activity is fisting! The craziest place he has ever had sex is in a police car although he will have sex any place I can. Antonio's other interests and hobbies include Capoeira and bowling, and his favorite singer is Ednita Nazar.

This Italian by-way-of-Paris stallion made his stunning Lucas debut in the sweeping and epic Paris Playboys as part of a 9-man orgy scene. His sculpted physique and distinctly European charm make him one of our most enticing discoveries in years. Whether he's romping around in a crowded orgy scene or performing one on one, we can't get enough of Antonio Cavalli! And man, oh man: Antonio Miracle is one hell of a beefcake, and when asked what his favorite sexual position is, he answered doggy style, and with him as the top.

Antonio Vela splits his time escorting between Montreal and Chicago; both places he considers home. Antonio is a self-described "simple person", who enjoys rollerblading, tennis, and the passion of sex. He prefers being a top, but remains open to versatility. Spanish superstud Antton Harri breaks hearts with his built, buff bod and his big brown eyes. It's no wonder he's become one of the biggest names in the industry in a few short years.

Whether pounding the tight hole of a lucky and ready bottom boy or spreading his muscular cheeks for the rimming and plowing he deserves in return, versatile Antton knows how to steal a scene Ares Fly is a Russian fitness trainer who loves having sex the jockey position is his favorite for deep and submissive penetration. Muscle god Armando makes his porn debut in Auditions At 15 he started doing gymnastics and then followed up with weight training, rowing, and horse-riding to maintain his amazing physique.

His favorite activities in bed include rimming and getting fucked! Armando is all top through and through and loves fucking hungry bottoms; he prefers that they either be white or Latin.

Sometimes amazing things certainly do come in small packages: It only it would be with his sexual fantasy, Trevor Knight! Toned twink Arnaud Chagall has a hot fantasy of being fucked by a swimming instructor in the locker room. Until that dream comes true, Arnaud continues to perfect his bottoming skills on camera!

He is a sports addict who loves all outdoor games under the sun. His favorite place to have sex is in the shower. Guys who turn Arnaud Chagall on the most are bigger than him, with muscles and intelligence. Arpad Miklos will always be remembered for single-handedly defining the role of muscular daddy bears in mainstream gay porn.

The Hungarian performer appeared in over movies and scenes, a career in adult entertainment that spanned 15 years. Arpad starred in 14 Lucas Entertainment films, where he always took on the role of an alpha power top. But beneath his beefy exterior the man had a heart of gold; Arpad was always laid back and kind, willing to help out anyone who needed him.

Arpad Miklos will be for how sexy he was on the outside and how beautiful he was on the inside. And lots of other place. In his own words: If it's not a direct physical attraction, I can be won over by personality.

There isn't just one type of guy I like. Newcomer Ashland Stone is shown what it means to really be fucked in Michael Lucas' latest Auditions 29! The Puerto Rican dancer Ashton Summers loves sex, especially when he is held face down and getting fucked in the ass, so how could he not be cast? A sex animal if we ever met one and trust us, we've met a lot!

It makes sense that this brawny muscle stud is into kama sutra and, more specifically, sexual stamina. Check out his wild performance in Manhattan Heat Black men are a big of an obsession for Austin: Turn that black man into a raw power top who loves gay bareback sex, and Austin is in heaven!

Austin works as a waiter by day, lives in Nashville Tennessee, and loves getting fucked on his back by big black dick! Austin loves to 69 and, as you can see in his scene in Uncut Cock Sex Club, he loves watersports too!

Single guy Avi is versatile and verbal when it comes to sex. He loves eating ass, watersports, and shooting far when he cums. Most of his childhood was spent on the quiet countryside where he worked harvesting fruits and vegetables with his family.

It's no wonder he's become one of Lucas Entertainment's most popular stars. Just check out his latest scenes! Axel Brooks is a hard-bodied hunk whose versatility in sex proves to be explosive!

A European muscle god, Axel Brooks loves to give and receive a good passionate fuck. This smooth and tattooed stud can be adventurous in sex and the wildest place he has done the deed is on a ferryboat from Barcelona to Ibiza.

Axel Brooks also has an intellectual side and takes great interest in psychology and meditation. Psychology is a great passion of mine, says Brooks. I like to explore my personality and learn about others, that is very fascinating to me. Axel Fulling looks like he belongs in Brooklyn carrying a camera around his neck, and not on a Hungarian porn set, but we are certainly happy with the latter outcome! Axel has a hipster look to him that makes him oh so hot in an edgy way, but fucking is fucking, and when this guy gets going there is no stopping him until he reaching an orgasm!

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Login Get Free Porn! See all Lucasmen sorted by name. Aaron Blake Blond bottom twink Aaron Blake was born, raised, and still lives in Oklahoma, which is where he learned that he's completely gay and loves to have sex! Aaron Heights Toned from years as a professional dancer, Aaron is one of the most pleasant and professional guys we've ever worked with.

Aaron Steel When asked what his favorite sexual activity is, Aaron Steel had no hesitations telling us: Ace Era Ace Era is the full package for a hot gay porn star in the making! Ace Rockwood Ace Rockwood comes as a welcome addition to Lucas Entertainment--an addition of 9 rock-hard inches!

Adam Avery Adam Avery is very clear about his reason for jumping into hardcore gay porn: Adam Faust A marketing consultant by day, super-hot top Adam loves eating ass, fucking, and fisting. Adam Isaacs The hunk known as Adam Isaacs currently lives in Brooklyn, but he grew up in Russia, which accounts for his rugged good looks and thick uncut cock that he loves using in gay bareback porn.

Adam Killian With his dark features, muscled body and chiseled face Adam Killian is a sex god to be worshipped. Adam Young Adam Young is more than a bright-eyed cutie with a baby face Addison Graham Addison Graham came to Lucas Entertainment with the intention of rolling around with Michael Lachlan in a gay bareback sex scene, and that's exactly what he got!

Adrian Long Adrian Long has the look of a top fashion model, but lucky for us, he is a total-top porn star! Adrian Pena Adrian Pena is sexually versatile, resides in Brooklyn, and is a professionally trained dancer. Adriano Cassano Adriano's favorite sex act is ass licking, and while he may be in a relationship, that doesn't mean he wouldn't give another guy's ass a taste!

Ago Viara A connoisseur of feets and armpits, Ago also loves to eat ass and get sucked. Ajay Cavalli Currently assisting medically in Florida, Ajay likes to run and go to the beach Al Carter Sexy Floridian Al Carter loves sex, plain and simple, and when it's in front of the camera, all the better!

Albert Long Straight boy Albert doesn't have a problem fucking guys Anche se ti confido che se girassi altri film con Samuel entrerebbero sicuramente tutti tra i miei preferiti. Invece, nella vita di tutti i giorni, un buon pornoattore non deve dimenticarsi di essere una persona qualsiasi, ricordandosi sempre dei suoi ammiratori. Ovviamente alla base di tutto ci devono essere originalità e carisma.

Quando il mio corpo mi dirà stop. Ad ogni modo devo ancora raggiungere la maggiore età , quindi la mia carriera è tutta in salita. Ho sogni e desideri, che cerco di realizzare giorno per giorno. Hai trovato difficoltà negli anni ad incontrare persone che andassero oltre il sesso? Credo dipenda tutto da come ci si relaziona con le altre persone. Ho sempre avuto bella gente intorno.

Hai mai ricevuto un NO per il lavoro che fai? Soprattutto in Italia per via della chiusura mentale che ci ritroviamo. A parole sono tutti moderni, poi in realtà si rivelano tutti bigotti. Lo vivo benissimo, senza nessuna stanchezza. Il sesso sul set non è il sesso nel privato. Quella è tutta tecnica. Nel privato è istinto e passione. La mia è una giornata normalissima. Vado in palestra con i miei amici e con il mio ragazzo. Amo correre in riva al mare, passeggiare e andare al cinema. Manca poco al Gay Pride.

Da sempre Criticato per i troppi corpi nudi e trasgressivi. Che risposta dai a chi critica questo esibizionismo? Inoltre non è detto che un corpo nudo sia necessariamente sinonimo di volgarità. Il corpo è uno strumento di comunicazione e sta a noi decidere come usarlo. Non dimentichiamoci che siamo nati tutti nudi davanti a Dio. E sono orgoglioso di esserci.


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Male escort alex marte gay

Gianluigi Volti: un escort da sogno!. 28 mag (di Alessio Poeta). Guardi Alex Marte e pensi: “Ma questo chi diavolo è?”. Effettivamente il volto non è che sia proprio la parte più conosciuta. Check out popular Alex Marte gay pornstar videos and XXX clips exclusively at free gay tube!. Addison Graham Addison Graham came to Lucas Entertainment with the intention of rolling around with Michael Lachlan in a gay bareback sex scene, and that's exactly what he got! To see more from Alexander Volkov, please follow him on Instagram at: The scene is featured in the upcoming "Bareback Auditions Vado in palestra con i miei amici e con il mio ragazzo. Arpad Miklos will be for how sexy he was on the outside and how beautiful he was on the inside. Male escort alex marte gay